Channel Development and Management

19-20 March 2015
Salzburg, Austria

For some software companies the partner channel has been a major contributor to global success, but for most software companies making it work is a depressing and constant struggle.

Successful software companies know that their own business model is different from the business model of their partners. They know that they have to design and maintain attractive partner value propositions complementing their compelling customer value propositions.

In this workshop we put together the pieces needed to generate domestic as well as international growth using a channel of independent partners. Discover how the channel impacts all other business model elements. Know when to “channel” and when not to “channel.” Get familiar with proven methods and best practices. Learn by doing. Business principles go beyond theory to the examination of real life case stories.

Where do you start and how do you plan for managing channel development? Find out in this vibrant learning environment. During the workshop you will have access to trusted software industry expert Hans Peter Bech as your instructor and a network of peers sharing their own experiences. Move forward confidently with a better, more profitable way to drive results.

What you will take home from the workshop:

• Learn how to design and document the value chains and AIDA processes for your product
• Identify your partner value proposition and partner P&L
• Understand the three phases of market penetration
• Learn why issues change over time as brand awareness increases
• Learn the function and content of a partner program
• Learn how to reduce “time to revenue” and “time to profit” for your partners
• Analyze the impact of partner margins on partner behavior
• Learn how to effectively recruit, manage and grow individual partners

  • Participants

    • Executives
    • Business Managers
    • Sales Managers
  • Number of Participants

  • Course Language

  • Course Prerequisites

    The participants should be familiar with sales related issues and challenges.
  • Course Fee

    €1,510 + VAT, inclusive of all materials and refreshments
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    Emma Crabtree:

    Daily Start Time: 09:00


  • The Instructor

    Hans Peter Bech has been developing and managing global partner channels in the software industry for more than 30 years. Hans Peter was instrumental in building the partner channels for companies such as Dataco (now Intel), Mercante, Dansk Data Elektornik (now CSC), RE Technology (now Barco), and Damgaard/Navision (now Microsoft). Hans Peter is the author of several whitepapers on channel development and management and he frequently writes articles on the subject.